Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bad hair day!!

The turret on the wall of The Old Fort really needs to find a good barber.

The wall around the Old Fort is not much more than 1m high. So, unless the people of the 1800's were very much shorter than we are now, how did this wall keep the enemy out? There are no signs requesting the enemy to check-in at the gate! Good chance the enemy couldn't read anyway.


Chandlermom said...

This made me laugh - everyone hates having a bad hair day!

Lynette said...

Yes, it's a funny, not funny, thought for sure! I'm wondering what's inside the stones? Are you saying that the short wall visible on each side is the fort wall that's supposed to be a guardian for those inside? Interesting.

Hyde DP said...

It reminds me of a similar looking one near Falkirk in Scotland.