Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sleeping on the job.

At dinner this evening, out of the blue, someone was asking why it is that everyone is aiming for the robots (traffic lights) these days. What have they done wrong that they're under attack by motorists? Rather a coincidence, since I'd noticed the same thing, which led me to take this picture a few days ago.

I've no idea of the circumstances of the accident which caused this situation, as aside from the bits of shattered glass, a piece or two of mangled mettle, and of course this sleeping robot, there is no evidence left.

Clearly it's a hotspot for this sort of activity, because there were 2 tow-trucks parked permenantly on the traffic island behind me as I took the photo.

The advert on this robot is typical - a word or two explaining the service, a name and a cell phone number, written in white paint on a large piece of cardboard, attached to the pole with wire. This one says "Roof Thatch Call: Alec 0734610413"

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