Sunday, October 28, 2007

Six days in the life of a rose.

The Monica rose is such a pretty combination of yellow and orange.

Only after I downloaded the photos on day1, did I notice the delicate spider web strands. Tried to take a few more like that, but couldn't get the light quite right.

On day 2 you can see the culprit, trying unsuccessfully to hide, while clinging to the bud. Didn't see him again after that. Guess things were just too exposed after that.


Paul said...

Nice idea CC. Who gave you the rose (I assume it's a bush)?

CrazyCow said...

Thanks Paul.

This rosebush now grows outside my front door. I bought it some years back when my brothers and I established our company Rosebud Technologies CC.

I chose this particular rose for my logo, because my sister is Monica (Tofo Beach Daily Photo). Just keeping it all in the family :-).

Kate said...

Thanks for pointing out the web and "culprit"--fascinating, and the rose is gorgeous!

Wendy said...

I can smell roses as I look at your beautiful Monica rose.

Jackal said...

Beautiful ! Cool idea. I, asa child spent 2 years in Durban ( Hillside) in the 70's. We'd moved to SA from Zimbabwe.

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