Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Those days are long gone.

When I see the blue fence along the road, the pretty street lamps, and the subway entrance on the right, in my mind, I also see the gentry strolling slowly down this road, while others drive past in a horse-drawn carraige. Ladies all dressed up, with their fancy hats and umbrellas, and men in their 3 piece suites with pocket watches. Of course, the only time we see such scenes these days are in movies, but I guess we can dream.

Behind the fence is the railway line which is no longer operational, and the subway is permenantly locked to prevent vagrants and criminals from living there. There are a few of these subways along the Esplanade, but it has been many years since they were functional.

On the left is Wilson's Warf, a small shopping mall with restuarants, and small flea market type shops - very popular with the tourist trade.

At the end of the road you can see the Sugar Terminals. Although not visible in this photo, these are 3 silos with a storage capacity of 520 000 tons.

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