Monday, November 12, 2007

Hope you're not afraid of bats.

A while ago Kate asked about "an art cooperative near the wharfs". This is of course The Bat Center.

This whole of the outside of this building has been beautifully decorated by the artists. Over the next few days, I'll show a few of the intersting features views of this artwork.

On the ground floor, are a few shops selling various arts and crafts, while upstairs one can eat at the Oceans Eleven restuarant.


Kate said...

I'm sure that this is the building I visited and enjoyed in the past, but I'm not sure if this is where I purchased my painting. My memorey is a bit fuzzy.

Kate said...
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oldmanlincoln said...

Nice photo. I came from Kate's place.

Jilly said...

I too came from Kate's blog. Do post some of the artwork one day.