Monday, November 26, 2007

Queen Victoria is watching.

Queen and Empress

This statue was erected
by the citizens of Durban
to commemorate
the sixtieth year
of the glorious reign
of their beloved sovereign
A.D. 1837 - A.D. 1897

Queen Victoria looks on as these men play board games at her feet in Francis Farewell gardens in central Durban.

Many things have changed in our country, since she was the beloverd sovereign. Things such as independance and then later democracy.

Some time ago there was talk about removing the old statues from Francis Farewell gardens to replace them with those from the struggle years. Either someone forgot to do this, or the powers that be have changed their minds. Either way, I hope these reminders of our history stay where they are. There are many other sites that could be used to record the more recent history.

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sam said...

so true, then we could have a history which covers it all and not just whichever segment is deemed acceptable at any given time! I was also surprised to see that our Queen Victoria is not only still standing in front of our main Library, but has just had new spotlights installed to highlight her at night!