Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who's your brother!

Big brother keeps a beady eye on a busy intersection.

These traffic cameras can be seen at some of the busy intersections, especially those know for high accident rates. Some have film in, and some don't, so before taking a chance, ask yourself "Do I feel lucky today?".

While these can be very effective in catching the culprits who are in the wrong place a the wrong time, they have been know to cause more problems than they solve.

For instance, the one where the road sign stated maximum speed of 80kph, but it would flash at anyone going over 60kph. The sudden effect of applying foot on brake would startle all the other motorists into doing the same and the concertina effect would have been funny if it weren't so dangerous. Max speed before this point was 120kph, and after this point was 100kph, so it was very confusing for everyone.

1 comment:

Jim said...

Oh they are installing those around the Dallas, Texas area. Here they are used for red light runners. Next will come the ones for speed I am sure. I dont think its for safety, its for the money they can collect.