Monday, December 3, 2007

The Golden Mile

A view of the Golden Mile taken from the pier outside UShaka.

Originally the beach was named "Sands of Gold" by Portuguese explorers long, long before there were any buildings. Now the 6km from Argyle road up to the Marine Parade now has the name The Golden Mile.

This area has a variety of entertainment ensuring holiday makers, tourists, and locals have a great day at the beach. Besides the obvious - swimming, surfing, tanning, building sand castle, there is also the Snake Park, Mini Town, Rickshas, fleamarkets, as well as a number of restuarants and takeaway outlets. Something for everyone.


Waldo Oiseau said...

How nice to live near a beach like this!

Curly said...

Delightful view, although I am a bit bemused by some of Blogger's new behaviours with images!

from South Shields Daily Photo

CrazyCow said...

Thanks for the comments waldo and curly.

Curly - please expand on your comment, I'm keen to learn so need to understand what's troubling you wrt my images.

Kate said...

The shoreline is very inviting, esp. right now as snowflakes are slowly descending again.

Curly said...

Not your images in particular, but so many Blogger sites are now requiring me to download the images rather than opening them within the same browser window.

Curly said...

Just checked, it's behaving the same way in both Firefox 2.2 and Internet Explorer 7.

I am being asked if I would like to open or save the image.

CrazyCow said...

kate - in the middle of our summer, we often wish we could transport ourselves to your environment for a few minutes, just to cool down.

curly - good news! Thanks for pointing out the problem. Our local group of smart programmers from "The Programmers Art", quickly helped me locate the problem area. It seems that when the underlying image is greater than 800px wide, then it wants to download the image. If it's 800px or less, then it seems happy to display in the browser.

This now works for me, so please let me know if it's still misbehaving on your system.

Thanks again.

sam said...

wow maureen that is impressive that those guys figured it out so quickly, there has been drama all over blogland about this for the past week or two, and it is listed as a 'known issue' with blogger, which they have been working feverishly to fix, maybe they should hire your guys!