Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Goose has landed.

A few days ago, I noticed two birds walking on the grass island in the road. Even from a distance these birds didn't look quite like the rest of the ha-di-das which frequent the area.

So, I took a chance and drove closer, thinking they'd take off before I was close enough to get a photo. Not so, at first they just ignored me. So I opened the car door and stepped closer. To my surprise, they were as interested in me and my camera, as I was in them, and they crossed the road to check me out.

While the Egyptian geese do breed along the coast, they normally choose areas where there is a river or other body of water. They are geese after all. This area is residential with houses all around, so this was indeed a pleasant surprise.


sam said...

sort of a new take on the old 'why did the chicken cross the road" joke! Why did the Egyptian goose cross the road? To take a gander at the Crazy Cow!

CrazyCow said...

Very clever, well done.