Saturday, December 8, 2007

Introducing Aunty Min.

At the Quilter's guild meeting, the keynote speaker and founder member, Rosalie Dace inspired us with the story of her life. It's amazing how someone can, during the telling of their personal story, make it personal for their listeners. At each notable point, she'd ask us to write down these points in our own lives, thus keeping us involved along the way.

One such influence in her life was her Aunty Min. One of those wize old aunts who teach you to believe in yourself, that your contribution in the world is important.

After hearing Rosalie's description of her Aunty Min, no lable was necessary for this piece where her verbal description has been so perfectly translated. On second thoughts, it's clear that both the verbal description and this picture are expressions of the impression Aunty Min left in her heart.


sam said...

I didn't realise you are a quilter. I dont sew much, but I have quite a few blog friends who do amazing work, if you click on and sew it goes -terry on my sidebar you will find a whole community of brilliant quilters among her friends. She is very talented and old posts show how she achieves some of her effects. Shirley Goodwin in New Zealand is another who has cool old posts, if you have time to scroll through one day!

CrazyCow said...

I'm still a beginner, and find it quite relaxing and creative. I'm a big fan of the beautiful work done by the more experienced ladies. Especially those who are able to break from the traditional into the more expressive and creative articles.