Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Santa's here.

Santa and his reindeer visit the local shopping center.

Hopefully next time he does his rounds he'll know the dress code in Durban at this time of the year is T-shirt, shorts and a towel over the shoulder. It's far too hot now for these full-length swimming outfits... besides they went out of fashion many years ago.


Lezard said...

Come and visit next week The Hague Daily Photo, I have spotted a similar sight in my city I need to make a shot for my daily blog!

Kate said...

Amusing commentary. I have always thought it curious that warmer climates invariably feature Santas and the whole bit with snow, etc. Odd, isn't it?

sam said...

hehe, old dude with big boep, red shorts and t shirt... sounds VERY Durban!