Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's your name?

This evening I had a meeting at Daikonia Center in Daikonia Street. I am quite familiar with the streets of Durban, especially those in the city center, but this one sounded foreign. Consulting my trusty street map of the city, I was a little surprised to find this book also had never heard of the street, nor building.

Only other option was to consult the internet, and sure enough, there it was. This bit was no surprise - it too had suffered at the hands of the street name fanatics. At the meeting I was pleasantly surprised, and yet a little saddened to discover the building had been the St Joseph's catholic school in St Andrews Street. Saddened because it no longer was St Josephs, and yet another small part of our history was now over.

The good news is that the building is looking really fresh and new, in spite of its age. Besides, these arches are so pretty.

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Kate said...

It's really quite beautiful. I love the arches and the colours.