Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where has all the water gone?

The car-guard in Old Fort Road, brings his washing to work. What better place to let them dry, than over the vegetation alongside the road.

Today we've had no water. It was switched off at 8 am and finally now at 10:30 pm, I can hear it gurgling through the pipes again. Guess this means it's tea time at last!
Yesterday we were without electricity twice - most of the morning, then again all evening. Aparantly due to load shedding. Wreaks havoc with processing photos, and updating blogs on the internet.

If it continues like this, the guys in Old Fort Road will have to make space for my washing too!


Rambling Round said...

Guess that's a creative way to get your washing dry!

Pat said...

My goodness! Wouldn't someone steal it?

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CrazyCow said...

Your comments made me rethink this one..... perhaps it's his advert..... his guarding is so effective even his clothes are safe! Yeah, thats it!