Thursday, January 17, 2008

The back of beyond.

The Pavillion shopping center is a convenient meeting point for people who live on opposite ends of the greater Durban area, since it's approximately midway between Durban and Pinetown, with very easy access from the highway. Coming from Umhlanga to the north, or Toti to the south, if you follow the right signs at Spagetti Junction, then next offramp is the Pavillion. You can't miss it. This however, is the back of this mall, seen from the road less travelled.

Below, on the hill this community live in RDP houses. The Reconstruction and Development Programme aimed to provide low cost housing to replace the shacks which many people called home.


anne said...

What a huge contrast between a lot and a little!

CrazyCow said...

Yes Anne, that is exactly how I felt when taking this one. I had the feeling of a castle on the hill, with the peasants sitting at its feet, although this is far from the reality.