Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No juice today, but still happy.

We pulled in to fill-up at this Sasol garage, and remembering Cape Town's night shot of their garage, thought it'd be good to have one in daylight. Besides, I like the happy blue they've chosen for their brand.

So why no juice? They had plenty petrol, just no electricity to drive the pumps, so no juice today. This is part of the "planned outages" to cope with demand.

The locals are so amusing, because they always want their photo taken, and these garage attendants were no exception. At first I didn't notice they were posing for the camera, but the broad grins with each photo, soon got my attention.


Paul said...

Heh heh, I guess they thought they'd be in the news. :)

CrazyCow said...

Yes Paul, next time I'm asked, I think I'll follow your lead, and say I'm a "reporter" from the Durban Daily Photo, and see what responses I get. :-)

sam said...

hehe, I also get this a lot, one Nigerian drug dealer in a seedy part of town that i had to photgraph for some research said to his buddy as I went past "she must be from Special Assignment!" and preened himself, he was quite let down when i told him i was just doing research on the historic building he was standing in front of!