Saturday, February 2, 2008

Walk along the beachfront.

Today was an absolutely perfect beach day. Beautiful clear blue sky, with enough breeze to keep the temperature just right, not enough to disturb the sand, but enough to make those little white waves for as far as one can see. The water was a most beauiful blue/green, as only the sea can be. If this is what paradise is like, then yes please, I'd like some of that.

Over the next few days I'll show you more of this area. For those who haven't visited recently, you'd be pleasanly surprised at the changes. It was so clean and beautiful, I could easily be tempted down there again.

However, a word of warning for all tourists who visit this area, please don't walk around here with your camera or any visible valuables - they won't be yours for long. While there are visible signs of police and other security personel, the thieves can spot an unsuspecting visitor a mile off, and will snatch your goods and be out of sight before you can blink.

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