Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gateway City

Its been a while since I visited Gateway Shopping Center in Umhlanga Ridge, let alone take a walk outside. One advantage of these infrequent visits to a fairly new area is that you see it afresh each time.

My new first impression was "where in the world am I"? What city is this? At first I thought Gateway was a shopping complex, but it now looks like a complete city on its own.

There are certainly many more and varied shops and merchandise available than on visits some years ago.

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Shannon said...

We always visit Gateway when I come and stay with my parents. I knew it would be a weird place when they told me I had to go there to "See the wave". Yes, there is a wave pool that has a stationary wave in it that is ridden by boogie borders (surfers?)

This is in Durban where the beach is no more than 10 minutes away with fabulous surf but ... what-ever?

I am not very good at malls and I find this one stranger than most.