Thursday, March 20, 2008

Inanda Dam

Inanda Dam is about 40km inland from Durban, and can be seen from the R103. This road is part of the comrades route running through the Valley of a Thousand Hills, a rather scenic, pleansant country drive.

Each week we do The Breakfast Run providing a wonderful photo opportunity while de-stressing for the week.

On a different note.... tonight was the final of Strictly Come Dancing season 4, and we say congratulations to actor Emmanuel Castis and his teacher Lindsey Muckle for their well deserved victory. They had my support from the beginning and their hard work and commitment meant we were never disappointed. Well done guys.

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Seda said...

We are exporting goods from Durban but I have never been there. thanks to your blog, I had some idea about the city. Your pictures are really lovely!
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