Friday, March 28, 2008

Using the flag.

Some people felt it disrespectful when others first used the design and colours of our new flag (well not so new anymore - its nearly 14 years old) in all manner of articles. However, in my view, the way people are using it shows the complete opposite. It's very encouraging that most are eager to identify with their new country and take every opportunity to show this publically.

This is on one of our new mini-bus taxis. The mini-bus taxi industry started a few years before we moved over to democracy and was a real danger to everyone who ventured onto our roads - passengers, pedestrians as well as other motorists. The vehicles they used were not suitable to carry the number of passengers they managed to squeeze in, the drivers were always in a hurry to get there, and the vehicles themselves were not propertly maintained so were often an accident looking for a place. Daily we'd hear of a taxi's having rolled or being involved in some accident or another with a number of lives lost.

Recently the government decided to clean it up, and the taxi owners were given incentives to buy these new more suitable vehicles. They are more stable on the road and of course new (pronounced: roadworthy). The drivers are obviously proud to be in them so look after these vehicles. The result - safer roads for everyone.

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