Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mr Bones

It just gets better and better. Not our quiz results! .... the chalk drawings on the menu board. The detail on this picture at the Keg And Trout in Hillcrest - all done in chalk, is phenomenal.

Our score at quiz was very good, but not sufficient to win. Perhaps we should have asked Mr Bones to join our team!!

Our funny man, Leon Shuster plays Mr Bones in the movie of the same name. His character is that of a white man who grew up as the adopted son of the chief of a traditional African tribe, not knowing he doesn't actually belong. He is a bungling sangoma, who advises the chief by reading the future in the bones he throws. The chief is old and frail and needs to find his successor. The movie tells the amuzing events as Mr Bones sets out to find the chief's son.