Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New lawnmowers?

Today is a two day.

Two hours without electricity as a result of load shedding,

Two weeks without a telephone line due to cable theft (a popular passtime which causes enormous problems for so many people).

Two cows and two calves hiding behind the branch in a residential area, next to the school.

What are they doing here you ask? Good question. We have no electricity, and the fuel price has gone up by over 60c per litre overnight. Therefore lawnmowers will no longer be a viable option for the grass which is growing so fast as a result of the recent rain. The solution is simple, bring in the cattle and you solve two problems - feeding the cattle, and cutting the grass. ;-)


crittoria said...

A very practical solution....

Kim said...

Oh my, not such crazy cows! In California sheepherders rent out their flocks to people who need to keep hillside grass maintained.
Very cool photo!
Seattle Daily Photo

Kim said...

Oooops, I meant goat herders, not sheep. Sorry.

sam said...

hehe, it takes a certain creativity to keep seeing the positive in all this.... there was an article in todays paper about an empowerment project teaching unemployed women to make candles, guess their sales are guarenteed these days!