Saturday, April 5, 2008

Synchronised swimmng.

These four ladies entertain the audience at uShaka Marine World. They dance, swim, jump and sing at the command of their handlers, and seem to enjoy every minute of it.

The dolphinarium is only one of the attracations of the uShaka. This themed park is home to sharks, turtles, eels, and fish of all shapes sizes and patterns.

A while ago you saw the ship in which the aquarium is housed. And today we had a guided tour of the inner workings of the aquarium. It is quite fascinating just how much work is involved in maintaining the habitat of the sea life.


ptowngirl said...

Great shot! I catch dolphin shows whenever I can; they are SOOO entertaining!

Jim said...

They are so beautiful, great picture.

Kate said...

Amazing that you are able to catch them in mid-flight!

Steve Buser said...

Wow, you are fast with the shutter. Great picture.