Thursday, May 1, 2008

The power of one.

Because the subject of our May Theme day is Numbers, the plan was a 2010 Soccer World Cup sign together with the new stadium in the background. While finding the half built stadium was easy - just follow the yellow steel cranes, there were no 2010 signs anywhere.

Instead this amended sign along the same road was rather amusing. Anyone who tries to "obey" this speed limit could have serious problems with their vehicle afterward, given the speed humps and construction going on here.

Below are the other City Daily Photo bloggers from around the world, who are participating in this month's theme day on numbers.

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Albuquerque (NM), USA by Helen
American Fork (UT), USA by Annie
Arradon, France by Alice
Aspen (CO), USA by IamMBB
Athens, Greece by Debbie
Auckland, New Zealand by Lachezar
Austin (TX), USA by LB
Avignon, France by Nathalie
Barrow-in-Furness, UK by Enitharmon
Barton (VT), USA by Andree
Belgrade, Serbia by Bibi
Bellefonte (PA), USA by Barb-n-PA
Bicheno, Australia by Greg
Bogor, Indonesia by Gagah
Boston (MA), USA by Cluelessinboston
Boston (MA), USA by Sarah, Whit, & Leyre
Bucharest, Romania by Malpraxis
Budapest, Hungary by agrajag
Buenos Aires, Argentina by Karine
Busan, Korea South by iamnbinb
Canterbury, UK by Rose
Chandler (AZ), USA by Melindaduff
Chateaubriant, France by Bergson
Cheltenham, UK by Marley
Chesapeake Daily Photo (VA), USA by ptowngirl
Chicago (IL), USA by Focused Light
Christchurch, New Zealand by Michelle
Clearwater (FL), USA by Smaridge01
Clearwater Beach (FL), USA by Smaridge01
Cleveland (OH), USA by iBlowfish
Cologne, Germany by April11
Concordia Sagittaria, Italy by Patrizia
Coral Gables (FL), USA by Jnstropic
Corsicana (TX), USA by Lake Lady
Dallas (TX), USA by turtle
Darmstadt, Germany by Elsch
Dunedin (FL), USA by Smaridge01
Durban, South Africa by CrazyCow
East Gwillimbury, Canada by Your EG Tour Guide
Evry, France by Olivier
Forks (WA), USA by Mary
Geneva (IL), USA by Kelly
Glasgow, Scotland by Jackie
Greenville (SC), USA by Denton
Gun Barrel City (TX), USA by Lake Lady
Hamilton, New Zealand by Sakiwi
Hampton (VA), USA by ptowngirl
Helsinki, Finland by Kaa
Hobart, Australia by Greg
Hong Kong, Hong Kong by Rachel A.
Hyde, UK by Gerald
Inverness (IL), USA by Neva
Ioannina, Greece by Christos-Ioanna
Jackson (MS), USA by Halcyon
Jefferson City (MO), USA by Chinamom2005
Jogjakarta, Indonesia by Jogja Portrait
Joplin (MO), USA by Victoria
Katonah (NY), USA by Inkster1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Edwin
Kyoto, Japan by Tadamine
Larchmont (NY), USA by Marie-Noyale
Las Vegas (NV), USA by Mo
Le Guilvinec, France by ds2944
Lisbon, Portugal by Sailor Girl
Lisbon, Portugal by Maria João
Lodz, Poland by ritalounge
London, UK by Mo
London, UK by Ham
Mainz, Germany by JB
Malaga, Spain by Paula
Manila, Philippines by Heyokity
Maple Ridge, Canada by Susan
Marseille, France by Alex
Medan, Indonesia by KT
Melbourne, Australia by Mblamo
Melbourne, Australia by John
Memphis (TN), USA by SouthernHeart
Menton, France by Jilly
Mexico City, Mexico by Poly
Mexico City, Mexico by Carraol
Minneapolis (MN), USA by Mitch
Minneapolis (MN), USA by Greg
Minsk, Belarus by Olga
Misawa, Japan by misawa mama
Monrovia (CA), USA by Keith
Monte Carlo, Monaco by Jilly
Monterrey, Mexico by rafa
Montpellier, France by Marie
Moscow, Russia by Irina
Mumbai, India by Magiceye
Mumbai, India by Kunalbhatia
Nancy, France by yoshi
Nashville (TN), USA by Chris
Nelson, New Zealand by Meg and Ben
New Orleans (LA), USA by steve buser
New York City (NY), USA by • Eliane •
New York City (NY), USA by Ming the Merciless
Newport News (VA), USA by ptowngirl
Norfolk (VA), USA by ptowngirl
North Hampton (NH), USA by Amy
Norwich, UK by Goddess888
Nottingham, UK by Gail's Man
Ocean Township (NJ), USA by Josy
Omsk, Russia by Nataly
Orlando (FL), USA by OrlFla
Oslo, Norway by Lothiane
Owasso (OK), USA by Jennifer
Paderborn, Germany by Soemchen
Paris, France by Eric
Pasadena (CA), USA by Can8ianben
Pasadena (CA), USA by Petrea
Penang, Malaysia by Maltelda
Perth, Australia by Elevation7
Phoenix (AZ), USA by Cheryl
Pilisvörösvár, Hungary by Elise
Port Angeles (WA), USA by Jelvistar
Port Elizabeth, South Africa by Sam
Port Townsend (WA), USA by raf
Port Vila, Vanuatu by Mblamo
Portsmouth (VA), USA by ptowngirl
Prague, Czech Republic by Honza03
Quincy (MA), USA by Cluelessinboston
Rabaul, Papua New Guinea by Jules
Ramsey, Isle of Man by babooshka
Riga, Latvia by Riga Images
Rollag, Norway by Stormel
Rotterdam, Netherlands by Ineke
Saarbrücken, Germany by LadyDemeter
Saigon, Vietnam by Simon
Saint Paul (MN), USA by Kate
Salem (OR), USA by jill
Salt Lake City (UT), USA by Eric
Salt Lake City (UT), USA by atc
San Diego (CA), USA by Felicia
San Diego (CA), USA by Zentmrs
San Francisco (CA), USA by PFranson
San Francisco (CA), USA by Louis la Vache
Seattle (WA), USA by Kim
Seattle (WA), USA by Chuck
Selma (AL), USA by RamblingRound
Seoul, South Korea by Phil
Sesimbra, Portugal by Aldeia
Setúbal, Portugal by Maria Elisa
Sharon (CT), USA by Jenny
Singapore, Singapore by Keropok
Sofia, Bulgaria by Antonia
St Francis, South Africa by Sam
Stanwood (WA), USA by MaryBeth
Stavanger, Norway by Tanty
Stayton (OR), USA by Celine
Stockholm, Sweden by Stromsjo
Stouffville, Canada by Ken
Subang Jaya, Malaysia by JC
Suffolk (VA), USA by ptowngirl
Sunshine Coast, Australia by bitingmidge
Sydney, Australia by Julie
Székesfehérvár, Hungary by Teomo
Tacloban City, Philippines by agnesdv
Tel-Aviv, Israel by Olga
Terrell (TX), USA by Jim K
Terrell (TX), USA by Bstexas
Tokyo, Japan by Tadamine
Torun, Poland by Glenn
Torun, Poland by Torun Observer
Toulouse, France by Julia
Turin, Italy by Livio
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina by Jazzy
Twin Cities (MN), USA by Slinger
Vichy, France by Delphsnl
Victoria, Canada by Benjamin Madison
Vienna, Austria by G_mirage2
Virginia Beach (VA), USA by ptowngirl
Wailea (HI), USA by Kuanyin
Washington (DC), USA by Rachel
Wassenaar, Netherlands by Rich
West Paris (ME), USA by crittoria
West Sacramento (CA), USA by Barbara
Weston (FL), USA by WestonDailyPhoto
Williamsburg (VA), USA by ptowngirl
Willits (CA), USA by Elaine
Yardley (PA), USA by Mrlynn,


Your EG Tour Guide said...

180 kpm is a mite bit fast for ANY road. LOL I think the highest legal speed here in Ontario on our super highways is 100 kph but of course lots of people travel at 130 or 140 kph.

Jilly said...

This is funny. Original choice to today's theme.

American Fork said...

I also get a chuckle when I see signs modified this way. I think you could really fly over that speed bump at that clip!!

Nathalie said...

Humorous catch!

Olivier said...

original et amusant ;o) si cela pouvait tromper les radars des policiers ;o)

original and fun ;o) if it could mislead police radars ;o)

Felicia said...

Very funny sign! I hope you didn't try to obey the sign. :)

Hyde DP said...

nice one

Jackie said...

Wow - you'd have a Dukes of Hazzard moment if you drove at that speed!

By the way, I don't know if you've got saved details over at my blog, but the link is misspelt (blogpot not blogspot) and always takes me to a rather mad Bible site instead of this blog!

Neva said...

I don't think I would try to go that fast......

Josy said...

Amazing what one little digit can do.

(This sure made me laugh!)

Rambling Round said...

I believe I had rather keep the front end of my vehicle aligned.

Ben said...

Second to Rambling Round. My car does not have a wing.

travelphilippines said...


CrazyCow said...

Thanks for all the comments.

After thinking about it a little more and given the nature of the area, I questioned why the limit would even be set at 80km/h. In town our limit varies, but has a max of 60km/h on a straight flat road!!!

Having a very careful look at the sign, I see the graffiti artist has also filled in the 3 to look like an 8.

Jackie - thanks for letting me know about my link - I've left a new comment with the correct link, and will be more careful with my sticky keys next time.

myrtle beached whale said...

This is my first time submitting to your monthly photo prompt. Please list me on your blogroll.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

myrtle beached whale said...

I think I figured out how to register. Where do you get the monthly prompts?