Monday, May 5, 2008

Scottburgh Beach

Sundays are a good time for a leisurly drive down the coast. This time "Phat Boys" was the breakfast destination. Even though they had a long list of items which were not available due to a "really good long weekend", it was certainly worth the trip.

They'd run out of all the hard liquor, which we don't drink anyway - and certainly not for breakfast on a Sunday. In case you're wondering, we knew because, much to our amusement, they'd placed a list on each table, of the drinks we couldn't have.


Jackie said...

What a lovely view - it looks a bit cool though, with the grey clouds looming.

sam said...

hehe, a bit of a grey weekend? But the blue brollies are a nice touch! The notes on the table had me chuckling, at least it wasn't a scenario like the Monty Python Cheese shop that had no cheese!