Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indoor garden

These guys in this basement office of the city engineers building can't have the trees inside, so they've made the best of what they do have.  

Really great decoration for an office, don't you think?

Zim Update:  Robert Mugabe claims he's heading for a landslide "victory", and this in a country where everyone is now a loser!  What other result can the polls show when you're the only candidate?  What kind of victory is that?

In spite of all the reports to the contrary, Mugabe claims a big voter turnout.  So my question  is ... how does the ZEC manage to count all those votes in 2 days, when in march they couldn't get through them in a month?  If it wasn't before, it should now be crystal clear to everyone that his government is illegitimate.

My heart goes out to the people of Zimbabwe, and I really wish my government would take a sensible stand.  Quiet diplomacy only works with reasonable people, because there's no reasoning with a madman!


Kris McCracken said...

I would also note the statement that anyone of voting age who failed to have the ink stained finger (designed to ‘stop voter fraud’) would be considered a traitor and ‘dealt with’. Such is the beauty of the perverse notion of ‘democracy’ in the warped mind of Mugabe. How I detest that man!

With that off my chest, I support the notion of making the most of being stuck in an office all day. I myself brighten things up by cruising around the different photo blogs briefly tasting other towns and cities to give me a quick break at work.

sam said...

right on both counts, the plant is a nice touch, and more seriously, it is beyond appalling what is going on in Zim, and the pathetic approach of our government is almost as embarrassing and shameful as the recent xenophobic attacks.