Saturday, July 19, 2008

Durban at night.

On Friday evening we had the privelege of a tour around the Millenium Tower at the end of the Bluff.  This is the tower where the sea traffic control happens.  While I don't envy them their job, I certainly envy their view of Durban.  I think if I had the nightshift, I'd not get any work done.  I'd just sit and admire the view.

Here I must add that while my camera was involved taking this photo, I wasn't.  The reason?  The windows of the building were coated with sea spray, making the chance of a good photo impossible.  The only option was to go outside on the ledge which is about half a meter wide.  Now, half a meter wide is not normally a problem, but this one felt like it was half a kilometer above the ground,  and for someone who is terrified of heights, that is a signficant problem!

Simon, being far braver than me, was actually keen to venture around the tower with my camera and tripod, in the quest for a picture of Durban at night.  I was pleased with the result, so thank you Simon.

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