Monday, September 15, 2008

More name changes.

More road name changes. Who is Albert Dlomo, and what did he do for us?  And why do we have to change from such a lovely name to this unknown person?


Reluctantfarmchik said...

Maybe the road got flooded, and they just don't want you to go down it. Why wouldn't they take an old sign down and just replace the sign? Soo funny.

Anonymous said...

The unknown person called Albert Dlomo saved this country from going into civil war. He was one of the people behind the choice not take over this country by armed means. This today people live relatively free because of people like Dlomo, and we need to show some sign of thank you to the because they gave up alot for this country, other paid with their lives.

Disa said...

Lots of people, both black and white, gave up a lot for SA and sacrificed their lives ( willingly and in bomb blasts etc) but I don't see much recognition of the whole sweep of everyone being appreciated, by some people.