Sunday, January 4, 2009

That Dam Wall.

This will be as close as I can get to Midmar Dam's wall.  On a recent bike trip we had our butt stop across the road, which gave me the opportunity to get a few pics of the wall.  Normally have to take them from a distance and at speed, whcih means you don't get to see any detail.
To prevent confusion .... Midmar Dam is not in Durban, but is quite popular for a Sunday outing, if you enjoy fresh-water frollicking.  It's approximately 1hr drive inland from Durban.


Shannon said...

We used to go to Midmar to sail on many weekends in summer. I loved it. It was not often that we saw the sluice gates open but the color of the sky and the angle of the picture brings it all back to me.

cat said...

be entertained

Disa said...

When did they take the road across the dam wall away?