Friday, July 17, 2009

Moses Mabhida Stadium

At last my life seems to be sorting itself out a little, so maybe, just maybe, I can dedicate the time to posting my photos again. I've taken a number of photos over the past year, but have had to spend so much time at work just to make ends meet (and they still haven't quite met yet!!), there was no energy left for processing them. 
Enough of the sad stuff. I'll leave the ends, and hope they do meet soon, while I get back to the purpose of this blog. 
Today you get 2 photos, for one very good reason. I am always very impressed with anyone who can make something out of nothing. When they have nothing and still take the time to use their creativity, I am even more impressed. 2010 is just around the corner, and for South Africa it is a BIG year, because we get to host the Soccer World Cup. While I'm not personally a soccer fan, I can appreciate everyone else's excitement over the event. 

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