Sunday, November 14, 2010

So sad for Durban now.

Some things about Durban, and South Africa, make me very sad, and this is one of them.
Here a pensioner in a wheelchair is unable to go into the office to prove she is still alive so she can still receive her meagre state pension.

Why,  You ask?  Because the only access is via this flight of stairs!!  The building is in a disgusting, dilapidated state, and the lifts no longer work, so everyone has to use the stairs.  No public transport passes anywhere close to this building, there is only metered street parking, and the pavement is in a  similar state to the building.    What is even worse is that no-one seems to care.  

The old folk received a letter telling them to present themselves to prove the state should continue paying the pension.  The letter indicates what documents to bring along with them.  When they arrive, ready to sit in the 2 hour queue, then they're told the letter was incorrect - there are other documents required!!  So they have to go away and come back another day.

Is this the way for a country to treat their elderly?  Where is South Africa going!!


Caroline said...

South Africa does let itself down sometimes! I often have to ask Where is all this ubuntu stuff? Sadly, the majortiy of the population, especially women and the elderly, are unable to stand up for themselves. A long history of being second class citizens or second class genders. Very sad.

LAKSHMI said...

Its so sad that our beatiful country is getting negilected.

We are the best in the world but.... sad very sad