Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More names a-changing.

Ok, I confess, I have no idea what is inside this building. I strongly suspect (given the tiny windows down the side, and the fact that it is near a bus-rank, that it is public toilets. It's in a part of town, where I wouldn't venture on foot and alone. As you can see this was taken from the safety of the car. Again, not me driving!

The decoration on the front would be pretty if it weren't for the remnants of paper notices stuck all over it.

Grey St is now Dr Jusaf Dadoo St. This caught me unawares when it was first changed. To give the perspective - about 100m up the road on the left of this building, is the start of the N3. On the right is the robot(traffic lights) at the end of the N3 into town.

The road signs on the end of the N3 are not quite so kind, because they sport the new street names, which I wasn't expecting. One day recently, when coming into town, because I needed to take a slightly unfamiliar route, I needed to check which lane to use. The signs were no help at all - they just left me feeling like an Alzeheimer sufferer!!! Was I even in the right city!! None of the names meant anything to me!

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