Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alien Invaders?

Can anyone guess what type of tree that is? At a time when people have this drive to get rid of alien invaders, we suddenly see these rather strange, very tall trees springing up all over the place!

This picture is taken, travelling east on the N3 into Durban. You can rest easy - I wasn't driving when I took this picture :-). The buildings on the skyline, are in Ridge Road, and all have a magnificent view over the whole of Durban, the harbour, and the Indian Ocean.

This road takes you through Toll Gate and into Durban city center. There is no longer a toll, nor a gate, at Toll Gate. This name was given in the days of ox-wagons and horses, when people had to pay to use this one and only route to the interior. A portion of the fountain at which travellers could water their livestock still remains, although it is now very difficult to access.

The obstacles in the road are part of the widened effort which should be complete by Dec 2007.

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Kerry-Anne said...

I have a pretty good idea of what that tree could be... :) We have a few rather odd-shaped ones around here ourselves; we'll have to post a pic of one sometime. I'm really not sure who designs them - possibly someone from Lego. :D