Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Helicopter Ride.

A while back I was fortunate enough to accompanying my uncle on a helicopter ride from Umhlanga to Durban along the coastline. His mission as a professional photographer was to update his portfolio with some current photos of the Durban coastline.
My mission was to remain calm throughtout the flight - I'm terrified of heights, and a helicopter feels quite flimsy when you're up there looking down. Well I succeeded and even managed to take this picture of the Bluff at the Harbour mouth in Durban. Most of my pictures while we were up there, were a case of aim the camera, click, and hope for the best. You can see the reflection of the rotor blades in the windscreen at the bottom of the photo!
If offered another trip in a helicopter, I'd certainly go again - but then I'm a glutton for punishment!!


Hyde DP said...

I've only done so on a handful of occasions but there's nothing to beat photographing from a small plane.
As you say though, you can't really do more than point and hope and see what you've got later.

Durban Scout said...

Hey great pic, please post some more if you've got!


Paul said...

It must have been fun. Kerry-Anne and I went on a flimsy hellicopter ride in Mossel Bay... it really is quite scary to feel how the wind pushes the aircraft around. Suffering from acrophobia, you're quite brave do have done it :).