Friday, August 24, 2007

The names, they are a-changing.

Here in Durban we are going through some name changes. Just so we don't get lost in our own city the old street names are retained, with a big red line through them.

The next generation will find their way around just fine, but some of us are going to struggle for some time to come!

In response to Hyde DP's comment, perhaps I should expand a little on this one.

Many of our street names have, or will change. Fortunately, at the moment, it's not a result of councillors with over-inflated egos, but rather people recognising the contributions of others from the "struggle years".

However, I do find it rather sad that people feel the need to change existing names. Perhaps it would've been more prudent to open a new suburb, and name all the new streets in honour of those who fought for democracy in our country. The "fight" is over, its a new day. So, don't make the street names fight each other, rather create a new area, with new roads let the heros be remembered in the peace they fought to acheive.

According to the Official Site of the City of Durban.

Stalwart Simelane was an ANC leader in the 1950s.
As a teacher in the 1930s he helped establish high schools for Africans. In 1952, while serving as assistant secretary of the Natal ANC, he led the first batch of Durban volunteers in the Defiance Campaign. He was elected to the national executive committee of the ANC in 1952.


Hyde DP said...

I suppose Stalwart Simelane is some councillor who wants to be remembered by having his name commemorated in a street name.

Of course, my surmise could be completely wrong, but why do politicans think they can immortalise themselves like this at the public exspence?

Hyde DP said...

I see you've added info on Stalwart Simelane since I posted my first comment.

I agree he probably does deserve to have his name commemorated but probably better in the name of a new road, unless of course this particular street has some specific connection to him.

CrazyCow said...

Thanks for your comments, Hyde. Much appreciated.

Yes, I could see that I'd not provided sufficient info.

As far as I can see there is no particular connection between the people and the streets being named for them.

I believe that over 200 names have been put forward and accepted for streets in Durban! That's why I'd prefer they open a whole new suburb. That would really honour the contributions of these people.