Thursday, August 23, 2007

Old Court House Museum

Whenever possible I stay out of the busy center of the city, but today was different, which provided an opportunity to show you a view of the Court House Museum in Durban, the oldest public building in the CBD, at the corner of Aliwal and Smith Streets.

If you only have a short stay in Durban, and want to get a quick view of the history of the area, this museum is certainly worth a visit. Even though it is small, the items on display seem to capture the essence of Durban over the time.

They have a number of photos of Durban in the very early days - when horse drawn carts were the order of the day. No busses, no cars, no motor bikes, no tar on the road, nothing much at all. I find it fascinating to spend an hour or so in the museum, then to walk out to the noise of the traffic, and the bussle of people going past, and once more feel it as it is today.

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