Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Big Apple

Yes, I also thought perhaps I'd been working too hard, and my eyes were playing tricks on me! But no, it is really a big apple up there in the sky. Why, I don't know, and today was not the day to find out. It was cold, the wind blowing all ways at the same time, lots of traffic, and not the safest area. So I stopped just long enough to get the photo.

If/when I find out the story behind this, I'll let you know. In the mean time if you have a suggestion as to its purpose, I'd love to hear them.


funkay said...

hey, man. cool idea for a site, by the way. That big apple belongs to the store just below it on point road (out of your picture). It's virtually an institution now cos it's been around for so many years - the apple and the store. the store sells cheap knocks-off of once great designer brands like Pierre Cardin, Carducci etc. The owner was recently lambasted for selling t-shirts to tourists claiming Durban to be one of the filthiest cities in the world. Anyway, just to put your curiosity to bed, the apple is there cos the store is called "apples".

funkay said...

By the way, check out my blog and let me know if it will be possible to use your pics on my blog - i'll credit you, off-course.