Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Schools out.

Durban Girls High School, is as the name implies - for girls only. Many of the english medium high schools in Durban cater for a single gender. This year DGHS celebrates 125 years of educating the young ladies of Durban.

In South Africa "High School" is part of the primary education and implies Grades 8 - 12 or what used to be Std 6 - 10. Way back when, it was called Form 1 - 5. We are currently using the "Grade" system where learners start formal schooling at Grade 1 at 6 years of age, and aim to reach Grade 12 before leaping into life. Learners are typically in the age group 12/13 - 16/17 while they attend a High School. From here they will either go on to some form of tertiary education e.g. university, or join the work force.

How is the school system organised in your town/country?

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Chris said...

In the US, gender-specific schools are not as popular as they used to be. In Nashville, there are just a few. They just opened an all-boys charter school for underpriveledged kids. Usually, these schools are private and expensive.