Sunday, September 30, 2007

Durban is just down the road.

From a pedestrian bridge over Berea Road, you can see the concrete jungle which is the city center. Ok, close up, it's not entirely a concrete - there are a number of small gardens, and many small trees are allowed to grow along some of the roads, giving it a welcoming feel.

The hill in the background it the Bluff. The barely visible, little smudge rising above the hill is the harbour control tower. For a better view of this, and some perspective of this shot, take a look at an earlier picture of the harbour mouth.

Travelling up towards us, Berea Road becomes the N3 the main road to Johannesburg.


MAVOVO said...

Albeit your beautiful photo of the entrance into my homecity,DURBAN has made me homesick,THANK YOU for posting these wonderful pictures of DURBAN ~ the city of sand, surf, fun and sun.

The picture of Berea Road takes me down memory lane! Many, many years ago, as a Zulu urchin,early every Saturday morning I rode an Indian-owned bus that ran down this very road. It was my weekly duty to go fetch our weekly family order of meat and boerewors from a butchery that's a stone's throw away from Berea Road. The name of the butchery was "Old Dutch Road Butchery" Later, in the late sixties I drove up the same road on my way to and from a Chesterville School at which I taught.
John (Edmond, OK - USA)

CrazyCow said...

John, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I'm really pleased you're enjoying the blog.

Talk about a small world. When I was young, we lived just around the corner from the "Old Dutch Road Butchery", in a small road called "Bewsey Grove".

Old Dutch Road is still there, and I think the butchery building is also still there, but it is no longer a butchery. Bewsey grove is no longer a road. The whole block is the Technicon.