Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bridge over the River Umgeni

The Ellis Brown Viaduct spans the Umgeni River to link Durban with Durban North.

At the mouth of the Umgeni is The Blue Lagoon a popular fishing. Bathing is prohibited in this area because of currents, turbulant waters, and of course the very real danger of sharks who're also interested in fishing these waters!

The finish line for the annual Dusi Canoe Marathon is on the other side of this bridge.

The 3 buildings at the end of this bridge, are the same buildings in the center of yesterday's post. These buildings mark the location of the Hypermarket by the Sea - a large (by South African standards) supermarket.

This is post no. 100. Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my beautiful Durban. I've enjoyed the journey so far and especially enjoyed your company. A special thanks to Kerry-anne and Paul from Cape Town for introducing me to this community.


Clive Read said...

Great Site. I have place a link to it on mine. Take a look.

Regards Clive Read

Suzi-k said...

happy centenary post! And likewise thanks to you for introducing us to City Daily Photo, and for all the help in setting up the sidebar! It is such fun, and even amidst the current personal crisis, I am really enjoying going everywhere with my camera and seeing the city through 'daily-photo' eyes!

Paul said...

Congrats on your 100'th post! It seems like only the other day that you started.

Oh, hello Danny (I assume that's him in the photo?).

CrazyCow said...

Clive: Thank you, I've been enjoying your blog too. While travelling around I hear a snippet of news on the radio, then read more about it on your blog. Keep it up.

Suzi-k: Thank you, and you're welcome. This blog has certainly given me new eyes as well.

Paul: Thank you, and yes indeed that is Danny. He came along as my bodyguard, and kept "getting in the way". I have no complaints because he added to the mood of the photo.

Mark JS Esslemont said...

I grew up in Durban North in the 50s-60s and crossed Ellis Brown Viaduct thousands of times, and also training for Comrades Marathons jogging across the bridge. The pic is the spot where the old swan and speedboat business traded on the Umgeni River before apartheid twits designated the spot an Indians Only zone. I have many happy memories of fishing and speedboat / swan rides on the Umgeni estuary.

Later as a biology teacher I took standard nine biology pupils on ecology excursions to the mangrove swamp across the estuary, just seen in the distance of the pic.

I now live in Christchurch NZ. Great blog. keep it up.