Friday, November 2, 2007

Where'd all the light come from?

On entering Davenport center I suddenly notice this high, domed ceiling. I've been to this particular center hundreds of times over the years, so thought it really odd that I'd never noticed this before! What had changed? At first I thought it'd recently been replaced or at least renovated or perhaps the windows were new, because there seemed to be so much light. But looking up, it was obvious no work had been done there for quite some time. So very strange I'd never noticed it before!

Shaking my head and wondering if I'd been walking around with my eyes closed all these years, I went about my business. About 15 minutes later, while in the supermarket, I noticed the strands of Christmas lights decorating the store, and suddenly, it hit me!

It's Christmas time! All the flags and banners which normally formed a false ceiling hiding the view of the windows in the dome, had been removed to make way for the santas, angels and christmas trees.

What a relief!

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Neva said...

haha...I loved reading this....I have had this experience before and it makes you wonder if you are losing your mind. Could I REALLY not have noticed the windows??? I am always relieved when there is an explanation! You must show it with all the Christmas decorations.