Sunday, December 9, 2007

Multicoloured sea.

Port Shepstone is an hour and a half drive down the south coast, from Durban. This 102 year old lighthouse is on the beach, at the mouth of the Umzimkulu river. Umzimkulu is a zulu word meaning big river.

Whenever there is a lot of rain upstream, these reivers of KZN send their soil down to the sea. This one was no exception. Have a good look at the sea in the background. You'll notice it is both brown and green. It always looks so strange, as though there's an invisible wall around the brown water, preventing it from mixing with the green.


Annie said...

What a beautiful place you live!

sam said...

that is such a cool photo, I adore lighthouses, and this is one of the few I have not photographed yet along our coast. The water colour shows clearly when you click to enlarge. When I was at Varsity I once went swimming on the main beach in Durban after some heavy rains, and the sea looked like this. I couldn't undestand why I was the only one in the water, till I got out and saw that there were no swimming signs and shark warnings all over the place!! Being an ignorant Zimbabwean who knew nothing of the sea, I had no idea that sharks love these conditions, and the nets had been washed away by the storm!

CrazyCow said...

Thanks annie, it is a truly beautiful country, with such diversity to enjoy.

sam - My dad - a keen fisherman - taught us very early in life that these muddy river mouthes are the worst place for people, because as you say, they are so popular with the sharks - especially those with really big mean looking teeth. We on the east coast of SA fully understand Jaws! :-)