Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Empty Beaches.

An0ther very hot day in Durban but the beaches are empty. Yesterday it was very different. Every new year people come in from all over Natal to spend the day at the beach. The news reported standing room only as 80 000 gathered to enjoy sand sea and sun. Lifeguards had their hands full with 300 rescues during the day. Surprisingly no fatalities.

For me the most disturbing statistic was not the fact that 150 children were taken to the local "lost and found"after being seperated from their families, but rather that this morning, 14 of these children were still unclaimed. The beaches are empty, the families have all gone home, but there are still 14 children waiting to be collected!

I shouldn't be shocked. This is an annual occurance. One year it was already two weeks into that new year and 3 children were still waiting for someone to claim them. There are some things in life which are just beyond my comprehension.


Rambling Round said...

Instead of "Home Alone," sounds like "Beach Alone." This is a beautiful beach, but I can't imagine leaving my children there.

Lilly said...

Great picture, but my god what shocking post!

sam said...

Yes, agreed. It is mind boggling about the kids. This year the P.E. Police came up with a cool idea and offered free platic ID bracelets for all kids arriving at the beach, with their name and parents contact details, in case they became separated in the crush of people who fill the beaches on New Years Day. Sadly we had quite a few drownings this holiday season.

CrazyCow said...

Thanks for the responses.

This whole idea of leaving children at the beach really gets me every year.

Sam, our guys also do the ID thing, and that has cut it down significantly.

The last news I heard on the matter was on 3rd Jan there were still 3 children left. Not sure of the current status and can't find any news items on the matter. Either they have all been claimed or it's not considered sufficiently news-worthy to report on the matter any further. Hope it's the former.