Thursday, January 10, 2008

Enjoying the school holidays.

Yesterday, when I stopped for my photo of the street lights, these 5 well dressed, polite, young men on their way to enjoy their afternoon, stopped to chat. They are still enjoying the Christmas break, and in a couple of weeks, its back to school and some serious studying.

Hey guys, enjoy your picture, and study hard at school this year. Post a comment here, so I know you've seen it. Enjoy!


Dusty Lens said...

Handsome group, having a good time on thier days off, I sure hope they enjoy their holiday! Wow, that is a long Christmas break.

Bergson said...

Cheer South Africa for the new trainer of the springboks

all the countries should take example on you

CrazyCow said...

Thanks for your comments.

Dusty Lens - the Christmas holidays here are equivalent to the "summer holidays" elsewhere. Not long enough for the learners, but far too long for the parents :-)

Our school year runs from Jan to Dec, so this marks the end of the school year, and its really on to new beginnings for everyone in the new year. These holidays start at the beginning of Dec. Inland schools reopened on 9 Jan, and coastal schools will be next week.

Bergson: Lets hope everyone gets behind our new coach so we can give the world a run for it's money in the next world cup as well. :-)

Kate said...

Kis seem happiest when they're out of school. Hmmm? What does this say about education? or kids??