Saturday, January 19, 2008

High and dry.

This ship is on rather than in the harbour grounds, but for some reason is on the dock. I just thought it was rather pretty, and worth a photo.


Shannon said...

I think your photo shows the tug boat near the BAT Center. It is part of a Maritime Museum. On our last visit we toured the tug boat with my son. Its fun to clamber about and inside the old style tug. Here is a write up of the area:

The BAT Centre

On the Victoria Embankment beside the Durban harbour is a haven for traditional artists known as the BAT Centre (an acronym for Bartle Arts Trust). The centre features an enormous studio where artists work, a theatre, exhibition galleries and a restaurant serving authentic African dishes. There are stunning views of the harbour from the restaurant deck. Nearby is the Maritime Museum, which details the history of the harbour and houses a restored tugboat and other interesting exhibits.

sam said...

it is a nice scene

CrazyCow said...

Yes, the Bat Centre is very close. Thanks for that additional info. I wasn't aware that one could go aboard this tug. Must try it sometime.