Sunday, January 20, 2008

Smith St.

Durban city center is laid out in a grid pattern. The Esplanade, Smith St, West St and Pine St all run the full length of the city centre - from the beach to the base of the hill. Each is a one way road in an effort to keep traffic flowing.

On the right, above the trees, you can see the dome of the City Hall. The first tree you seen on the right hand side of this picture featured in an earlier post of the Old Court House Museum

When you see Howard College building on the hill in the background, then you know you're on Smith St. Howard College is part of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

My father always maintained that if you travel at the speed limit, along Smith St, you'd catch all the robots(traffic lights) on green and not have to stop. I've tried it out a few times when the traffic was light, and he was absolutely correct. Guess some things do stay the same.


Shannon said...

That's funny. I remember the same thing about the traffic lights although I have been trained to avoid calling them robots. When my son was 3 he was fascinatd by robots (the animatronic kind) and confused that I thought traffic signals were robots.

My father's shop, Adams and Co, is on West Street near this picture and I used to spend a lot of time in the area as a child.

sam said...

The same applies to the 'robots' in PE's Cape Road too! But heaven help you if you get the first one red, then they ALL are!

CrazyCow said...

Shannon, I remember Adams and Co very well. I've made many visits there.

Sam, yes, its all or nothing with these lights! :-)