Friday, January 25, 2008

Shopping by candlelight.

The electricity outages are not all bad. These candles created a lovey atmosphere in this little bead shop, during their 2.5 hour outage.

Loadshedding has now become the most popular topic, with all the associated jokes. The local radio station was advertising a new Load Shedding CD they've put together. It features 5 "light" related songs - e.g. "You light up my life". Why only 5 songs on the CD? Well, thats all you'll have time for before the power goes off!


Jana said...

LOL at the CD idea. At least you made the best out of the outage.

sam said...

hehe, my best is the latest madam and eve comics strips. and I am SSSOOO glad we put in a gas hob last year!!