Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Down Smith St.

Stand on the spot where yesterday's picture was taken, turn around and you'd think you were in another world altogether.

This is the final few meters of Smith St, although you won't be allowed to drive your car here. Then again, with the fresh air, warm sand, open spaces and cool, inviting blue sea ahead of you, why would anyone want to stay in a car?


Anonymous said...

the durbs i knew in the 50s sure is very different - i thank you for showing me just how - parts of smith st looks closed in congested and rather oppresive thank goodness for the trees and sea i have seen all your pics and have enjoyed the variety

Jana said...

WOW! What a difference from yesterday's photo!

Sailor Girl said...

Are you sure this photo wasn't taken here in Portugal?????

CrazyCow said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Sailor Girl: If I recall my history lessons correctly, we learned that this area was named Port Natal by the Portugese sailor, Vasco da Gama, at Christmas time 1497. We're told that our coast reminded him so much of home, that he felt compelled to name it. So it's not surprising you think I'm secretly in Portugal :-)

Anonymous: It's so gratifying knowing that people are enjoying my blog, especially since I love doing it. Durban looks a lot different from the 50's (and 60's which are my earliest recollections). The fairly recent storm and lashing the coast received from the sea, did a lot of damage, so the major upgrade in this area was a necessity.