Thursday, April 24, 2008

Education for all in the new South Africa.

It seems that even they realise there's not much future in lawnmowing, so they need to think seriously about getting an education before it's to late!

It's so strange to find unattended cows roaming around the residential areas!

I don't normally post other people's photos, but this was strange enough to make an exception. Thank you to Shane Doyle who took the photo, and to Sue of Port Elizabeth Daily Photo for sending it to me.

Zim Update: China has recalled the ship carrying arms to Zimbabwe, because it 's unable too dock at any southern african port. Well done to all those who played their part in getting this right. Just shows that the "little guys" can make a difference.
The recount is still in progress, but everyone is suggesting Mugabe accept the results and to step down. Hopefully he complies


Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed your cow photograph. I think your narrative made the post interesting to a lot of people.

As for me, well I spent the day up and down, crawling around, bending over, and digging holes and planted 9 new flowers.

I think they looked nice and should look great in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Weird, thats my old primary school, have absolutely no idea where a cow would come from!