Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Snow on the 'Berg.

If you live in KZN and were wondering why it's been so bitterly cold the past few days, look no further for the culprit. This view of the 'Berg, from Mooi River says it all!!

Our weather at this time of the year is normally the most wonderful warm sunny days with cool nights - in other words, Paradise. All of a sudden Cape Town sends another cold front our way, and this time it's sufficient to leave a little snow on the Drakensberg mountains.

I know it's not much snow, but for those of us who can go a whole lifetime without seeing any, it's a beautiful sight.

Zim Update:
Last I heard, the ship would not be allowed to dock at any southern African port, and COSATU were attempting to convince their counterparts in other Africa countries to take the same stand as they had.

The news reports stated that this shipment had been orderd by the Zim government a few days AFTER the election, which to me, makes it obvious they are stalling the announcement of results until the arms arrive.

The old Zim government are determined to stay in power no matter the cost, and have ordered another load of arms to be flown over - landing in Harare, so they wouldn't have all this trouble.

Election results still have not been announced.

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