Monday, April 21, 2008

Garbage or art.

This wall is on the bank of the Umbilo river feature a few days ago. Both pictures were taken from the same spot.

Rushing past in the traffic, it just looks like the wall has been painted pretty colours, but if you stop for a closer look, it's obviously graffiti.

An even closer look and I'm compelled to associate this one with the yesterday's garbage day.

A quick update on the ship carrying Zim arms: Its on it's way up the west coast of Africa trying to find a port in which to offload. So far the other countries have closed ranks, and no-one has taken it in. I certainly hope it doesn't succeed in this mission. It is critical for the election results to be released as soon as possible, without the threat of military action as a factor.


Anonymous said...

thank you for the update - best news ever i also pray no port will offload

sam said...

yes for a change i am in full agreement with COSATU and admire the stand they have taken on this!